Vinicius Costa
Vinicius Costa is the Co-Founder & Director of a design driven production studio called  ROOF located in New York city, he has spoken in 2 design conferences,  Styleframes (NYC - 2012) and  Playgrounds Festival ( Amsterdam - 2014 ), He is also an ADC Young Guns Award winner who according to the press is the owner of “a fantastic and unique world” a ” jaw-droopingly detailed, original and weird work” with ” stunning craftsmanship and imagination! ” but Vinicius Costa according to him …
- Creates images and visuals that can tell full stories
- Puts the same amount of passion from his fine art original artwork into his commercial style frames and projects
- Always preferred to play soccer on the weakest team,  this way he felt like he could make a difference being more helpful
- Plays acoustic guitar and can’t remember a chord of someone’s else song but remember every single one of his own
- Has a different new favorite dish every week
- Can’t stand people too funny
- Never gives up of a good idea !
- Can eat fresh mozzarella like an apple
- Agrees that shadows have colors
- Is capable to put himself in anyone’s situation to understand what that person is going through
- Patience and focus is one of his biggest virtues
- Agrees that we are born with 2 ears and 1 mouth to listen twice more than what we speak
- Never curse (almost never)
- Worries about some white hair appearing on the side of his head, he has way too many peculiarities to mention here but most of all he believes in a better world where everybody is capable to live in the present and feel happy and inspired by all the magic that surrounds us on earth.
Thank you!
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