Vinicius Costa is the Co-Founder & Director at Roof Studio in Brooklyn, New York, he is also an ADC Young Guns Award winner who according to the press is the owner of “a fantastic and unique world” a ” jaw-droopingly detailed, original and weird work” with ” stunning craftsmanship and imagination! ” but Vinicius Costa according to him …
- Creates images and visuals that can tell full stories
- Can’t fall sleep fast because brilliant ideas pop into his head over his pillow every night, sometimes not so brilliant but only realizes it in the next morning
- Puts the same amount of passion from his fine art original artwork into his style frames and commercial work
- Always preferred to play soccer on the weakest team,  this way he felt like he could make the difference and be more helpful
- Loves the sun and the simple happiness that the beach life can provide
- Plays guitar and can’t remember a chord of someone’s else song but remember every single one of his own
- Believes in afterlife and enjoys himself thinking on how surprising would it be if one day  we found out that the pharaohs from Egypt were right for the whole time about being barred with all their belongings in a pyramid and now they might be enjoying a very comfortable bed , fancy pattern like golden clothes with lots of boats and bird like heads in heaven :)
- Has a different new favorite dish every week
- Can’t stand people too funny
- Never gives up of a good idea !
- Has a few friends
- Can eat fresh mozzarella like an apple
- Agrees that shadows have colors
- Believes that people should still learn new things after a grown up age and now is starting to learn the piano
- Worries about some white hair appearing on the side of his head
- Is capable to put himself in anyone’s situation to understand what that person is going through
- Patience and focus is one of his biggest virtues
- Agrees that we are born with 2 ears and 1 mouth to listen twice more than what we speak
- Never curse (almost never)
- Likes and rides a cruiser style bike to be able to enjoy the ride at a slower speed
- Don’t have a smart phone
- Don’t drink coffee and loves white chocolate
- Is a real perfectionist but not very organized
- Wants to make something remarkable in this world and believes that you have to be proud of every little thing that you do now because when you look back from the future, what looked important for you now may not be relevant in 30 years
- Can drink a litter of milk in a day and have way too many peculiarities to mention here but most of all he believes in a better world where everybody is capable to live in the present and feel happy and inspired by all the magic that surrounds us on earth.

- Nice to meet you, I am Vinicius Costa.



Vinicius Costa

Roof Studio
249 West Broadway,
Suite 2c, New York,
NY 10013

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